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Call for competition Open Ideas for Bosnia and Herzegovina is open till October 19, you still have enough time to submit your idea and enter the competition.

Our research has showed that the dissatisfaction with the health care system is unfortunately great – over two thirds of opinions are negative. According to the testimonials we received on Otkucaji.net, the biggest problem is that the whole system is not functional or that there is no system at all.

It would be very difficult to try to solve all the issues at once, but we certainly can start solving them one by one, step by step. So, think about ONE problem that citizens are facing when using medical services and how that problem could be solved. Make the best out of new technologies and prove that they can be used for common good.


At the meetup events Pulse of Open Ideas held in Banjaluka, Tuzla and Sarajevo, we discussed about the possible ideas for the mobile applications. These events gathered representatives of formal and informal citizens’ associations, civil society organizations, medical students, IT experts etc. We heard many personal stories and experiences with the healthcare, exchanged opinions and ideas and we talked about feasible solutions that would help citizens monitor healthcare. Many interesting ideas came up, showing that there are many useful and interesting mobile applications that could be developed.


We want your voice to be heard, we want you to exchange information, and we want better system. Join our competition and give your contribution to the better healthcare for all!