Open Ideas is a regional initiative spanning most of the Western Balkans region and focusing on engaging citizens in solving important social problems. With institutional engagement in defining burning social issues, citizens are motivated to take action and develop the most resourceful and usable website and mobile application solutions to contribute to problem-solving. After describing problems that need immediate attention on local level, people are encouraged to think creatively and propose concrete web and app ideas for problem-solving. The goal of the initiative is to come up with full, sustainable projects for social change on local level across the region.

Regional project Open Ideas for the Balkans is conducted by lead partners UNDP Montenegro and Foundation Dokukino. The entire initiative is designed as a new step complementing activities which have started in year 2013, namely Open Ideas for Montenegro and Balkan Challenges within the community boost_r platform. Open Ideas projects are supported on local level by the following partners: Center for Investigative Reporting and ICVA in Bosnia and Herzegovina; UNDP Kosovo in collaboration with Innovation Centre Kosovo in Kosovo; Center for Democracy Fund in Serbia, and in Montenegro. Public institutions that have made a commitment to using project results are Prishtina Municipality, Kosovo, and the Direction for Youth and Sport, Montenegro. Open Ideas in Bosnia and Herzegovina is supported by Open Society Fund.

The initiative is focused entirely on strengthening local communities and eradicating social problems that have not been directly addressed thus far – by responding to challenges and developing concrete web and app solutions, citizens whose solutions are chosen as most successful will receive funding, know-how, and other resources to create a full, sustainable project, which will then benefit the entire community. Could your idea be the solution?