5. Victory lap


At the very end of our road, the most successful final solutions will be chosen. Closing events will be organized with the purpose of presenting and launching the winning projects. The winners will receive funds and other resources necessary to maintain and advance their projects until the end of the year.

4. Develop


The most successful proposals will be returned to their creators for further development into full creative solutions, which will then be submitted for one final voting round. Each developer will have access to necessary information, mentorship and know-how with regard to making the most comprehensive and useful solution possible.

3. Voting


Once your proposals are submitted, all solutions will be presented to the online community and/or a panel of experts. The community plays a major role in the process – it is the people online who decide on solutions that will proceed into the second round, as well as winners, through the official website and social… Read more »

2. Passion


After establishing which social problems need everyone’s immediate attention, the rest is up to you, your vision and ideas. Everyone is invited to propose their own creative software solutions to local problems. Inform yourself about the issue and start developing an inventive application to solve it in the long run. Be it a website, an… Read more »

1. Commitment


We work with public institutions to find, map, and explain the problems we wish to solve. With institutional ownership and commitment to problem-solving, everything starts with selecting challenges to be submitted to the social innovation competition on a local level, throughout the region. Each country has its own set of issues and challenges. Knowledge of what… Read more »