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How many times has your doctor prescribed you a drug that costs 3-4 times more than you expected? How many times have you gotten a prescription but the very drug you got prescription for can be bought even without it? You could buy that drug freely by just going into the drugstore and asking the pharmacist. Still, you went to the doctor hoping you would get the drug that is listed on the essential drug lists and costs only a fraction of the price but has the same efficiency.

Are the doctors familiar with all the drugs listed in the essential drug lists? Do they have secret contracts with drug makers? Do they intentionally prescribe us drugs that are more expensive just so they can earn profit? We are aware that the system is not functioning properly. Deep down we feel it and experience it with every visit to the doctor’s.

Something you may not know but should: Your doctor must prescribe you drug from the essential drug lists if you ask for it. If he does not, you may sue him. We want to save our own money and help you to do the same. How exactly are we going to do that?


We are developing a mobile application named Appoteka. What will it bring? Free insight in every drug listed on the essential drug list approved by the Ministry of Health. You just run the app and search the drug by its name, by your symptoms or by your diagnosis and the app will tell you which drug(s), available in the essential drug list, treat your disease, as well as its price, manufacturer and available dosage. We will arm you with knowledge before you visit your doctor. And the knowledge is power!


What do we expect from you? You just have to support us by voting for Appoteka between November the 6th and November the 10th. Voting is free. We need your votes so we can get the funds needed for the development of the app. In return, you get the free app that puts the essential drug list in the palm of your hand and informs you about the rights you have.

Do you want cheap drugs? Health system that is more efficient? Less corruption? Support us in fight for these values. Help us build society that is more rightful. Give your share – vote for Appoteka.

Amir Obralić