Open Ideas for the Balkans

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Modern societies are dynamic. Day after day they change, grow and adapt. Despite, or precisely because of the speed with which we all live and grow in this day and age, as societies, we often find ourselves facing one issue after another. How many times have you noticed a social problem in your everyday life that worried you, but you thought you don’t have the power or the means to fight it and make a change for the better in the entire community? How often do you hear stories about obstacles people face at work every day, or issues with health care, not to mention burning questions about how we can secure a better future for our youth?

All these, and many other questions and issues, we face and ponder daily, whether on TV or in person. The good news is – now we can act and come up with creative, innovative ways to change things in the long run. Open Ideas is a regional initiative spanning four countries in the Western Balkans region – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro, with the purpose of engaging citizens in finding creative software solutions to burning social questions in their countries. Across four nations, in close collaboration with public institutions, we have set up challenges regarding issues people face locally every day – and now we invite you to realize what the problems in your country are and contribute toward solving them through development of innovative software, websites or applications, which might play a key part in social betterment. Be it health system monitoring, youth engagement, or labor inspection, inform yourself on what the problems in your community are and start thinking creatively!

Open Ideas initiative officially kicked off on April 14, 2014, in Podgorica, Montenegro, with challenges soon to follow in other three regional countries. Through online voting and/or expert jury verdict, most successful innovative submissions on a local level will proceed into the final round, and if your creative proposition shows potential for real social change, by making it into the final round you will receive the necessary funding, support and know-how to launch your project and actually help the dynamic society you live in. This is our chance to join forces and help one another take matters into our hands, making a positive change together, and helping our societies grow. Inform yourself on Open Ideas challenges in your country and think how you can contribute!