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An intensive, marathon-like hackaton for developing projects within the Open Ideas initiative, was held last weekend in Banjaluka. Six out of a total of 28 submitted projects were, after online community vote and expert jury assessment, qualified for participation in the hackaton (unfortunately, the team which submitted the “” project, forfeited its participation in the competition).



“AB0 donor”, “Životno okruženje pristupačno svima”, “eZdravlje”, “Praktični registar lijekova”, “Higijena za 5” and “Moj Doktor”, in cooperation with expert mentors, had spent the first day of the hackaton working on their ideas until midnight, continuing at the same rate the following day. Among the creatives who submitted their projects for the initiative are students, professionals of varied vocations, civil society representatives, even high school students.


Beside developing the projects into full-fledged solutions, we also helped our selected creatives advance their social network campaigns, since the second round of online voting had started on November 17.

Expert mentors Mišo Bundalo, Sanel Hodžić, Kristijan Smiljanić, Marko Malinović, Nemanja Strkić, Minja Kolundžija, and Igor Ilić, had spent the entire duration of the hackaton sharing their practical knowledge with the selected creatives, thus greatly helping the process of revitalizing the healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the help of new and innovative technologies.





The end result of the hackaton, which entailed more than 25 hours of constant work, is six Beta versions of applications for healthcare system monitoring, which are now available for testing on the part of Bosnian citizens, for the duration of the second round of online voting. After the second and final round of online voting by the community, the winners will be selected. Those creatives whose applications are selected as the best, will receive prizes, mentorship, and other resources necessary to keep developing their social good initiatives.