Jury, teams and mentors at the end of the award ceremony.
Open Ideas for the Balkans

Starting last Friday afternoon and until late Sunday (June 13-15), fifteen teams of young innovators have boggled their minds to find solutions to digitalize and make the Municipality of Prishtina more transparent. Throughout the process they have received support from numerous mentors, and have been provided the adequate working space (see day one & two blog links at the end).

A lot of design, coding, testing, debugging, and sleeplessness went on. Half of the teams were striving to develop tools to make sure that the taxpayers know exactly where their money goes, and even a step further, become part of the decisions how the municipality spends them in Prishtina, while the other half were determined to create platforms which leave no room for any unjust and unlawful factors to influence the process of recruiting public officials in the municipality.

And as in every competition, despite the great work done by all the teams, the jury, including the Mayor of Prishtina, identified the winning teams. The team “On Focus” created by Lavdim Xhelili, Ideal Cakolli, and Alban Purova, won the first prize in the category of transparency in employment. The “Mikrobiz” squad on the other hand, comprised of Naim Berisha, Kastriot Rama, Albulena Mushica, Skender Mehmeti and Arianit Islami, was selected as the winning team in the category of transparency in municipal expenditures.

The real challenge begins now. Over the coming months, both “On Focus” and “Mikrobiz”, together with the Municipality of Prishtina, will have some hard work ahead of them. But they are not alone in the process, support will be provided throughout the way. To start with, the winning teams will attend a free training on iOS programming, and depending on the needs that may arise during the process of developing the platforms and apps, adequate support will be given.

We wish the teams the best of luck, and look forward to see their ideas take shape. Stay tuned! We will keep you posted on how the final innovative transparency tools will digitalize Prishtina.

Click on the link below for more photos from the “For Digital Prishtina” final presentation day and award ceremony:

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