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“AB0 Donor”, “Životno okruženje pristupačno svima”(Living Surroundings Accessible to All), “eZdravlje” (eHealth), “Praktični registar lijekova” (Practical Drug Register), “Higijena za 5” (Hygiene for 5), “Appotekar.ba” (Pharmacist.ba), and “Moj Doktor” (My Doctor), are the seven ideas for mobile applications chosen on Nov 12 by an expert jury to participate in a hackaton, to be held in Banjaluka on Nov 15 & 16.


The panel of experts rated the applications based on the following criteria: potential for social change, technology, timeframe and goals, community building, and sustainability. The expert jury was comprised of the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of FBiH and Coordinator of the Department of Research and Development of JU Pharmacy Sarajevo, Fatima Insanić-Jusufović, Assistant Editor of the Center for Investigative Reporting, Kenan Efendić, Studio Creative Form Senior Developer, Mladen Jakovljević, Public Relations Consultant, Najra Krvavac Perišin, and ICVA Network Coordinator, Milan Mirić.


After the the online vote had ended, on Nov 10, we performed a revision of votes. One candidate was disqualified from the competition for using software which generates automated votes, while some votes (for different ideas) we had to annul for being sent from the same IP address. After having revised all results, 10 ideas had been chosen to be presented to the expert jury, who then chose a total of seven projects to continue into the final phase of the competition.


Authors and members of teams who have been working on formulating and developing their ideas and applications will now be granted the opportunity to, with help from mentors, develop their projects into finished and sustainable products at the upcoming hackaton. Merely one day after hackaton has ended, on November 17, a second and final round of public vote shall commence, and it will be conducted exclusively online. The focus of the final stage will be divided between developing selected applications into full-fledged solutions, and gathering of a wider community, who will give its support to the mobile application regarding the healthcare system in BiH.

On November 24, three winning applications will be chosen, and will then be integrated in the web platform, Otkucaji.net – a healthy system for a healthy community.

Expert jury voting results:

  1. AB0 Donor – 230
  2. Životno okruženje pristupačno svima – 217
  3. eZdravlje 182
  4. Praktični registar lijekova – 176
  5. Higijena za 5 – 128
  6. Appotekar.ba – 120
  7. MojDoktor – 97
  8. MEDitor – 88
  9. Appoteka – 83
  10. Žalbe na ljekare – 60