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Apply now for the Open Ideas Bosnia and Herzegovina competition for the best mobile application that will help citizens monitor health system in the country

You are scheduled for an ultrasound exam and now you are on a month-long waitlist? You have grown tired from seeking connections just to get a routine medical exam from your local doctor? You are appalled by the poor conditions in local hospitals? Your employer did not pay your healthcare benefits that you are entitled to? If you answered positively to some of these questions, then your are just of of the many Bosnian citizens that struggle with the problems related to the country’s health system.

In Republic of Srpska, a staggering 28% of citizens don’t have health care, while in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 15% of people are unable to obtain documents which entitle them legally to healthcare. In addition to this shocking statistic, the number of problems citizens encounter on their way to receiving the necessary medical assistance, is overwhelming. From everyday troubles with long lines and unresponsive physicians, to a great deal of corruption and situations in which citizens are asked to provide illegal bribes just to receive services they are legally entitled to, have cost the entire society many lives, great stress, and lost days none of us can ever get back.

The health of an individual, just like the health of a community, is the most important factor in societal sustainability and prosperity. We all deserve to have an efficient and honest healthcare system in which the doctors, who have taken an oath to protect our lives, truly believe in their calling and always give us their best. At the same time, doctors deserve normal, standard work conditions that allow them to work professionaly.

Breifely – we all deserve a well-functioning health care system. Now is about time for the situation to change – let your voice be heard, and let’s find a longterm solution together, step by step!

Otkucaji.net is a multimedia platform dedicated specifically to YOU – it is your source of information on the healthcare system in BiH, a place where you are free and welcome to speak your mind about your experiences with local doctors and healthcare facilities’ staff. Thus so far we have been collecting citizens’ testimonies (and we’re keeping on collecting them) about the problems in the local healthcare system, and now the time has come for all to take matters into their own hands and solve these problems permanently!

We invite you to become a part of the Open Ideas Bosnia and Herzegovina competition for developing the most creative mobile or web application or website for monitoring of the B&H healthcare system! If you are creative and know the way in which you can become part of the solution, apply for the competition and start creating an application that will help the citizens improve the healthcare system over the long-term!

You will find all information regarding the competition, rules and deadlines, on http://openideas.me/bih . Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

Let’s monitor all our heartbeats and solve problems together!