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Open Ideas for Bosnia and Herzegovina competition started in September this year. Twenty eight ideas were submitted for the development of mobile applications with the aim of improving the healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the first round of online voting, expert jury evaluation, hackathon and the final round of voting, on Monday, November 24, the community chose Practical Register of Medicines as winner of Open Ideas for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During online voting, more than 4,300 votes were received via openideas.me/bih website. Seventy percent of the overall score were the votes from the website, whereas 30% was the number of Facebook and Twitter followers of the initiatives.


Ahmed Prohić, creator of eHealth, came in third with 950.4 points, and received the award of 1,000 USD. The team of high school students from Tuzla came in second with 1439.9 points. Mensur Mandžuka, postgraduate student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo and student of the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo, Edin Begić, won with 1571.1 points and were awarded 3,000 USD for their initiative, Practical Register of Medicines.


In addition to the winners, expert jury members, representatives of the Open Society Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the representatives of the Center for Investigative Journalism and ICVA, were present at the ceremony. Apart from the awards ceremony, the retrospective of the Otkucaji: Healthy System for Healthy Community project was also presented. Otkucaji aims to make citizen monitoring of the healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina more readily available.

Since the beginning of the project, more than 90 testimonies have arrived from 17 municipalities to the official website, Otkucaji.net. Out of 90 testimonies, 75,5 % are negative, 15,5% are neutral and only 10% are positive.


Otkucaji project will continue in the year 2015. We invite you to take active participation in this program and publish your opinions and comments, or describe your personal experience with regard to the healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We want to hear your voice too! Let’s start the process of making our healthcare system healthier together!